Paul McNulty

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Paul McNulty

Paul attended the Army Pilots’ Course in 1986 and joined 662 Sqn AAC in Germany as a Lynx pilot.  After a 3 year tour, which included an attachment to 665 Sqn AAC in Aldergrove, he was selected for test pilot training and attended the Empire Test Pilots’ School at Boscombe Down in 1991.  On graduation, he was appointed as the Chinook Mk2 test pilot on Rotary Wing Test Squadron (RWTS), where he also flew the Scout, Seaking Mk4 and Wessex Mk5.  Paul returned to Germany in 1994 to command 669 Sqn AAC flying the Lynx and Gazelle.

When posted to a staff tour in 1996 Paul joined 10 AEF at RAF Woodvale, providing air experience to cadets in the Bulldog. In 1999 he was posted to Fort Rucker, Alabama to undertake AH-64A training, followed by conversion to the British variant Apache Mk1 at Mesa, Arizona.  He returned to RWTS in 2000 as the Apache Mk1 test pilot.

Paul joined 2 AEF at Boscombe Down in 2003 flying the Grob Tutor, while his ‘day job’ included tours of duty in Bovington, Wilton, Afghanistan and Middle Wallop.  Paul left the Army in 2013 to join Handling Squadron, Boscombe Down.  He holds an aerobatics rating and practices the occasional loop and roll in a Firefly when the weather is fair.

Paul is under training as an Auster pilot.