Neville Stops

NevilleĀ  joined the Army Flying Association in 1985. Following a flying course conducted by current military instructors, he gained his PPL, Night Rating & IMC Rating.
He is currently an AFA check pilot and was the commentator for HAF for seven years. This role allowed him to fly in each historic aircraft. He has flown over twenty five types of aircraft in many parts of the world, which includes New Zealand, America and Malta. He was also able to take part in some aviation films.
Over the years of flying, he has been able to fly Auster 9, and Auster 9 variants, Tiger Moths, Chipmunks & SE5A, a WWI historic aircraft. He was the tug pilot, flying a Tiger Moth in military training colours towing one of only three airworthy Kirby Kites, a single seater glider, used for training glider pilots. One of gliders is now a static display in the Museum of Army Flying