Neil Porter

Neil grew up with aviation in his blood, living alongside RAF Abingdon. At 14, he joined the local 2121 Abingdon Air Training Corp for 6 years reaching F/SGT status and enjoying activities including hiking, flying, summer camps at RAF Cosford and RAF Bruggen in Germany. He was a member of the full bore shooting team, twice representing Thames Valley Wing at the National Rifle Association, Bisley Ranges. At 18 he became an MOD employee at RAF Abingdon and was one of the few of people to see in the transfer to the Army RLC and re-named Dalton Barracks. He later was part of the Government archives centre, dealing with all MOD establishments.

Neil went on to become a landscape gardener covering contracts in both Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

In 2000, he organised the very first ‘Abingdon Fayre’ community event at Abingdon, which later became the Abingdon Air & Country Show and has grown significantly over time, gaining a place in the airshow industry, raising funds for nominated charities. With considerable knowledge gained, Neil helps at other events, notably recently the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight and International Jersey Airshows in a staffing role.

Neil initially joined the Gazelle Squadron in early 2015 for two years, but left and joined the HAAF at the end of 2016.

In May 2018 he joined Cotswold Airport (former RAF Kemble) to become Estates & Transport manager.

Neil enjoys F1, walking, travelling and various outdoor activities.