Mick Williams

Mick is an Avionics Technician who joined the REME in 1967. After completing his training on Sioux, Scout and Beaver, he was posted to 70 AC Wksp at Middle Wallop to work on the major servicing line in 1969.
His first overseas posting, was to Libya for 3 years, which luckily due to the revolution under the then Captain Gadhafi, was short toured. He was posted to Cyprus to carry out major servicing of the three Sioux helicopters from El Adem. Whilst in Cyprus, Mick was also very lucky to secure a further two year posting to 16 Flight AAC where he met and married his wife Ruth.
During twenty three years of service, Mick managed to spend eleven years in Germany. He had a two year tour in NI and a further posting to Cyprus with the UN Flight in Nicosia.
Having left the Army in 1990, Mick became a financial adviser for some ten years and worked with an old friend as a kitchen designer for a time.
In 2002 Mick returned to the fold and joined RWSG Service Modifications team, designing and installing sophisticated modifications, missile warning systems and radio fits to battlefield helicopters for Iraq and Afghanistan; in his final year he became team leader.
When RWSG was disbanded Mick went on to lead the newly re-instated Aircraft Branch, the then authority for all tools and test equipment in Army Aviation until his retirement in 2013. He is now a volunteer engineer with HAAF.