Major Matt Roberts

Matt joined the Royal Military Police in 1977, where he served in the United Kingdom, Germany and Northern Ireland.

In 1984 Matt attended flying training initially as a Gazelle Observer. He then trained as a Scout/Lynx Air Gunner – a front seat duty firing missiles, navigation and some limited ‘hands on’ flying and completed tours of the United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Northern Ireland, Kenya, the Falklands Islands and Belize.

Following completion of the pilot course in 1990 Matt revisited Germany and Northern Ireland and saw further service in the Balkans, Canada, Norway, the Gulf and Afghanistan. He flew Lynx for ten years before flying the US Apache AH 64-A at Fort Rucker, Alabama.

A period in Staff roles eventually saw him back in the cockpit flying the UK Apache AH1 until his retirement from the Regular Army in 2014, when he assumed an aviation advisory role within the Army Reserve.

Currently Major Roberts is employed as a pilot for the National Police Air Service.

In his spare time he is the Historic Aircraft Flight Scout pilot and Operations Officer for this year, looking after the day to day running of a group of very willing volunteers. When he can relax, Matt enjoys fly fishing and his classic motorcycles.