Flight Lieutenant (Major (Retired) Al Sparks

 Al was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1996. He served in 3RHA, the UK and Germany before attending the Army Pilots Course.
He was the posted to 9 AAC flying the Lynx AH7 and over the next two years he served with all three squadrons (656, 664 & 672) including 662 Sqn in Iraq.

In October 2003 he joined 655 Sqn, 5 AAC, as the Operations Officer and Training Officer before being selected for promotion to Major. On completion of the staff course, Al transferred to the RAF, taking a demotion to Flt Lt in order to remain in the cockpit.

He joined 18(B) Sqn in 2007, where he spent nearly two years on multiple deployments supporting the troops on operations. The most important duty was with the Medical Emergency Response Team bringing critically injured troops back to the hospitals at Camp Bastion and Kandahar.

Currently he is employed back on 18(B) Sqn, having just spent two years as the TrgO for 28Sqn, standardising new instructors on the Chinook. He has flown all over the world both from land bases and Royal Navy ships gaining extensive operational experience on operations in Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and most recently on disaster relief in the Caribbean.

Al is currently the HAAF TrgO as he holds a CPL(H) with a Flying Instructor endorsement. He has flown over 4500 hours on various helicopters including Squirrel HT1/2/3, Gazelle AH1, Lynx AH7/9, Chinook HC2/2A/3/4/4A/5/6/6A, Scout AH1 and Wasp HAS1. Al currently flies the HAAF Scout AH1.