Chris Ballard

Chris joined the Royal Artillery in 1982 as a Blowpipe missile operator and signaller.  During a Falklands tour, his only transport available was the helicopter, which spawned several new obsessions. Model helicopter flying, photography, and flying in general. 

In 1986 he transferred to the AAC with the crazy belief the Army would let him fly. Learning to glide at Dishforth while with 3flt AAC, he was then posted to command troop with 4 Regt AAC deploying on Op Granby. He left the AAC in 1996 as a Signals corporal, RSI and skill at arms instructor to work in Audio visual systems, trading the model helicopters in for a Harris Hawk and a Tawny owl. 

The AAC never really wore off and a chance request for ground crew by the HAAF in 2018 left him wondering….and he still wonders what on earth half the tools are for but is learning quickly and enjoying his role as hangar cat, herding the tools and GSE.  He also helps out with some of the less critical work on some of the aircraft.  In his “other” spare time he is an avid civilian service rifle shot in the NRA Winter league.