Auster 80th Fly In 7th/8th April


What a great shame that the weather let us down so badly for this wonderful event.  Although it was cold and windy on Saturday, a number of historic aircraft flew in, much to the enjoyment of the enthusiastic crowd.  These planes have such distinguished histories, with amazing brave AOPs who flew in such dangerous situations. A number of distinguished aviators admired the HAAF aircraft and shared amazing stories with us.

On Sunday morning, the sky was grey and threatening with low cloud and persistent drizzle so that many Austers departed early in order to get home.  Then rain really came down.  Our Chief Engineer kept up our lowering spirits with his noisy banter.  Sadly, we had to close up early and put the HAAF to bed in the warm Hangar 3.

Written by Lindsay

An evening at Middle Wallop, celebrating 80 years

An evening at Middle Wallop, celebrating 80 years

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Following the Wings Parade on Friday 16 March will see a number of Army Air Corps types gathered for a night photocall, including Middle Wallop stalwarts Beaver AL.1 XP820, Skeeter XL812 and Sioux AH.1 XT131. With the exception of the Skeeter, all of these aircraft will be running for a portion of the event. A number of aircraft are likely to be visiting, more on those when we have it.


Continued updating the profiles and photos of the team today.  Still a couple more to edit before putting them on the site.

Have tried to match text in the profiles with that on the rest of the site.  Will check all ok with Keith on Monday.


New Website

We are looking forward to working with Keith Saunders to esablish a new user friendly website, to keep our volunteers and followers up to date with Historic Army Aircraft Flight activities during the comming year.

Setting up the new Web Site

This web site now uses WordPress which is very flexible for everyone involved.
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