Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019. 

Bids are now beginning to come in and we will endeavour to keep you informed of which events HAAF aircraft will be attending. See the calendar.

We look forward to seeing you all thoughout this year and thank you for your continued support to keep our aircraft flying.

End of Year 2018

Well we made it through the year of ups and down, major servicing and unforseen repairs…! Thanks to Colin and his wonderful team of engineers.

George, Matt and the team of pilots have managed to organise and attend various events throughout the year as well as being involved a few at Wallop (see Calendar of events). These have generated more interest in our wonderful historic aircraft and hopefully will help donations come in to maintain them for future events.

Also during this year:

  • 3000 leaflets have been printed – Sponsored by Stuart Lennon of ‘Nero Notes’

  • 5 New Aircraft information boards a HAAF banner and business cards courtesy of Mr Peter Mainprice

  • ‘A’ Frames for New information boards courtesy of Malcom Oliver

  • 50 HAAF Mugs courtesy of Silverline Ltd.

  • 6 New Collection Buckets and gazebo. Donation

  • Set up this new Website – Thanks to Mr Keith Saunders without whose help we could not have achieved this

  • Updated the facebook and Twitter accounts – Thanks to Colin Gillispie and Neil Porter

  • Set up PayPal donation page through the Website and Facebook

So finally a big thankyou to everyone.

Especially Boscombe Down Aviation Collection who hosted the HAAF end of year wash up meeting.  You gave us a wonderful spread and it was a joy to visit your museum.

Lastly to all our sponsors and people who have made donations.  Without you we could not keep these aircraft flying. Keep up the good work.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. We look forward to seeing you at an event in 2019…..
















































We need your help!

In order to maintain these wonderful aircraft we need your help.

Our Paypal page is now up and running, just click on the blue donation sign on the right of this page to take you there.

And thank you…

Restoration projects

Currently we are working on 3 restoration projects and need to raise funds to achieve these.

  • Currently the Skeeter is a non-flying static display helicopter and the intent is to make her airworthy as soon as funds allow. It would great if she could join the flying fleet for next season.  Initial exploratory work is already in hand and we will publish more details when more is known

  • Chipmunk – This fixed wing  trainer is currently dis assembled in our hangar and the intent is to firstly put it back together then get it re certified as a flying aircraft to join the display team.

  • Tiger Moth resoration –  Details to follow.

 If you would like to support any of these projects or would like to know more about a specific project, please contact us through the web page. All donations welcome.

Click on the Donation box on the right of this page to donate via PayPal.  Thank- you

Care to join us?

Care to join us? We are looking for an ex air tech to join us on Fridays. Working on Sioux and Scout, looking after Beaver and Auster. Chipmunk coming on line soon. We are a small team of volunteers; Colin Gillespie and Bob Gillan (Blackies), Ben Cartwright, Mick Williams and Phil Russell (Greenies), Alistair Mellor (Mech Engineer). Volunteers in the Historic Army Aircraft Flight. Also looking for ex tech storeman and other willing groundies.

Contact us through Facebook, Website contact page or Email.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


A wonderful day of Classic and Vintage Aircraft and Motors at Bicester.  Great crowd. Thanks for the loan of the Morgan. really made us stand out.


We are very pleased to launch our HAAF Mugs to help with our fundraising.

Selling at £7.99 each or 2 for £15 (plus p&p £3.00)

They reflect our new look as launched on our leaflets this year. New aircraft display boards and banners for our stand will follow for next season.

They are pale blue fading in and out of white like the sky, with our badge featured on both sides.

Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

The QR code on the base takes you directly to our website so you can always check up on us.

Available at some Air Shows and open days.  For further enquiries please use the comments page on our website. Payment acceptable by Paypal.

A great keepsake and a way to increase funds to maintain these wonderful aircraft.



New Fundraising Link

Thank you to Colin Gillespie for setting up our new fundraising site


We hope to link this to the website very soon .  At present it can be accessed via the Facebook page.

The Flight is entirely self funded. The future of our Aircraft rely on public support,sponsors and donations.

Your donation will help with the costs associated with maintaining the aircraft in flying condition (so that many more people get to see them as a living memorial, compared to staying in a museum) and the costs of flying (insurances, fuel etc).

Thank you.

Auster 80th Fly In 7th/8th April


What a great shame that the weather let us down so badly for this wonderful event.  Although it was cold and windy on Saturday, a number of historic aircraft flew in, much to the enjoyment of the enthusiastic crowd.  These planes have such distinguished histories, with amazing brave AOPs who flew in such dangerous situations. A number of distinguished aviators admired the HAAF aircraft and shared amazing stories with us.

On Sunday morning, the sky was grey and threatening with low cloud and persistent drizzle so that many Austers departed early in order to get home.  Then rain really came down.  Our Chief Engineer kept up our lowering spirits with his noisy banter.  Sadly, we had to close up early and put the HAAF to bed in the warm Hangar 3.

Written by Lindsay

An evening at Middle Wallop, celebrating 80 years

An evening at Middle Wallop, celebrating 80 years

Tickets  £30.00  Sold by Threshold.aero

Following the Wings Parade on Friday 16 March will see a number of Army Air Corps types gathered for a night photocall, including Middle Wallop stalwarts Beaver AL.1 XP820, Skeeter XL812 and Sioux AH.1 XT131. With the exception of the Skeeter, all of these aircraft will be running for a portion of the event. A number of aircraft are likely to be visiting, more on those when we have it.